Global Initiative of Academic Networks(GIAN)

Implimentation Committee

The programme would be implemented by GIAN Implementation Committee consisting of the following members.

  Sl.No   Member   Designation
  1   Secretary (Higher Education), MoE   Chairperson
  2   Director, IIT Hyderabad   Member -
  3   Director, IIT Kharagpur   Member
  4   Director, IIT Madras   Member
  5   Director, IISc. Bangalore   Member
  6   Director, IIM Bangalore   Member
  7   Vice Chancellor, JNU New Delhi   Member
  8   Director, NIT Surathkal   Member
  9   Chairman, UGC   Member
  10   Chairman, AICTE   Member
  11   Additional Secretary (CU), MoE   Member
  12   Nominee of the DST   Member
  13   JS&FA, MoE   Member
  14   Joint Secretary (TEL)   Member Secretary