Global Initiative of Academic Networks(GIAN)

Upcoming Courses

1191001M03 : Hydrodynamics of Riverbed Erosion and Scour at Structures
Institute Name : Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Foreign Faculty : Prof Roberto Gaudio, Universit? della Calabria, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Italy
Host Faculty : Mohammad Saud Afzal
Duration : 26-02-2024 to 06-03-2024
2194020F01 : CREATIVE WRITING (PROSE – Short Fiction/Non-Fiction)
Institute Name : University of Allahabad
Foreign Faculty : Prof Ramabai Espinet, Canada
Host Faculty : Susheel Kumar Sharma is
Duration : 14-03-2024 to 31-03-2024
3171001A03 : Transforming communities - principles and practices of co-creating community architecture
Institute Name : Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Foreign Faculty : Reena Tiwari, Curtin University, Australia
Host Faculty : Anjali Gera Roy
Duration : 18-03-2024 to 22-03-2024
4196048H01 : Microbial Modeling of Pathogens in Foods and USDA-Pathogen Modeling Program’s Applications in Ensuring Safety of Indian Food Sup
Institute Name : Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala
Foreign Faculty : Dr vijay k juneja, USDA-ARS-Eastern Regional Research Center, United States of America
Host Faculty : Dr. Jisha M. S.
Duration : 18-03-2024 to 22-03-2024
5191003L03 : Development and Application of Laser diagnostics for Multiphase Flows
Institute Name : Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Foreign Faculty : Prof Yannis Hardalupas, United Kingdom
Host Faculty : Srikrishna Sahu
Duration : 25-03-2024 to 29-03-2024
6191015N01 : Governance, Conflicts and Natural Resources: From Policy to Practice
Institute Name : Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneshwar
Foreign Faculty : Prof Tine De Moor, Netherlands (Holland, Europe)
Host Faculty : Dr. Madhusmita Dash
Duration : 26-03-2024 to 30-03-2024
Total Upcoming Courses : 6